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My High-School Club

Greetings to everybody! My name is Paul.

I am starting a club at the highschool called "the String-BEAN club." (its acronym for "Student-Body club of Equality and Awareness, Now!") I come to you with this:

What are some things this club can do? I have thought alot about it...but would like some ideas. I know that this club would be a forum of open discussion on issues effecting the world and local community. I know that this club would take action to create awareness issues and to create a better community. I know we would watch, listen, and read important a progressive materials, then discuss them.

But I would like some ideas. What are some good things to discuss? I know already that GLBT rights, women's rights, political propaganda, ecological and environmental issues, the war on terror, and civil rights will be on the agenda. What are some places/things we can get a hold of to spark discussion/action? We will protest, demonstrate, perform publically to create awareness of anything we choose to participate in. I really want to take the minds of the members to a new level of global awareness, because its hard to maintain this kind of worldly vision living in this white, neo-con suburb in which we live. (Anaheim Hills, California)

Any information/ideas would be GRATELY appreciated!

Thank you very much!
the String-BEAN club of Canyon High

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